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The lying bastards in the White House

Brownie’s doing a heckuva job ratting you out, Chimpy.

Top Department of Homeland Security officials were told about New Orleans’ levee failures the day Hurricane Katrina roared ashore, former disaster chief Michael Brown said Friday, contradicting agency officials who said earlier they were unaware of the severity of the problems until the next day.

I find it a little disingenuous,” Brown, who at the time headed the Federal Emergency Management Agency, told a Senate oversight committee. “For them to claim that we didn’t have awareness of it is just baloney.”

…Brown’s appearance in front of the Senate investigative panel came as new documents reveal that 28 federal, state and local agencies — including the White House — reported levee failures on Aug. 29, according to a timeline of e-mails, situation updates and weather reports.

That litany was at odds with the administration’s contention that it didn’t know the extent of the problem until much later. At the time, President Bush said, “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.”


Also, you’ve probably already heard that Scooter Libby is ratting out Darth, so these guys are clearly wanting to take the big boys down with them. Love it when they turn on their own. (CNN):

Vice President Cheney’s former chief of staff, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, told a grand jury he was “authorized by his superiors” to disclose classified information from an intelligence report to reporters, according to the special prosecutor in the CIA leak case.

In a letter to Libby’s lawyers, obtained by CNN, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said it is his understanding that Libby testified he was “authorized to disclose information about the National Intelligence Estimate to the press by his superiors.”

The letter does not name who the superiors are. But the National Journal, which first reported on the Fitzgerald letter, named Vice President Dick Cheney and other White House officials as authorizing Libby to disclose the classified material.

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