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Homophobe Mitt Romney's 'one family of humankind'

Andy at Towleroad gives Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney a piece of his mind. Bigot Mitt is carrying the Olympic torch in Torino, Italy.

Look who’s carrying the Olympic torch through the streets of Turin! It’s Mitt Romney, the bigot Governor of Massachusetts and possible future presidential candidate. Before he left, he said: “We’re all one people, we’re all one family of humankind, and that’s something which is celebrated in the human experience.”

Mitt, was the “one family of humankind” what you were after when you demanded marriage licenses from four Massachusetts towns in May 2004 so you could inspect them for non-resident applicants, or when you threw your support behind an amendment that would overturn gay marriage in that state and take away the rights afforded to same sex couples?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding