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Reuters: Pope meets Laura Bush, says worried about terror

Well, that headline could be taken many ways, couldn’t it? Might he be talking about the handiwork of all the pedophile priests he’s let loose over the years?

Notice that party-hard Jenna is not around to meet with Prada Papa Ratzi, and how thrilled Barbara is to be there:

Actual caption: Pope Benedict XVI presents U.S. first lady Laura Bush (C) with a set of rosary beads as her daughter Barbara (L) looks on after a meeting with the Pope in the Papal Library at the Vatican February 9, 2006. The first lady is visiting Rome before heading to Aviano Air Base to meet with U.S. troops and continuing on to the opening ceremonies of the Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

Feel free to speculate what Barbara is thinking, or what Papa Ratzi and Laura are saying…

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