Don’t tell Mr. Buckley the babysitter is drunk

We love it when they start sniping at each other over at The Corner:

Mark Krikorian JOBS SALVADORANS WON’T DO [Mark Krikorian]

So many people have left El Salvador that they’re importing Hondurans! Of course, if there’s a “labor shortage,” then why don’t we phase out the Temporary Protected Status that covers some 250,000 Salvadoran illegals in the U.S. and send them home?

Posted at 04:53 PM

To which the Pod replied:


Go ahead, Mark. Send 250,000 Salvadorans home. There’s a realistic policy proposal.

Posted at 05:02 PM

With KJ-Lo off catering Christopher Buckley’s NRO party we expect this to generate into this:

BITE ME [Mark Krikorian]

…fat boy.

Posted at 05:18 PM


fake think tank boy? Don’t like getting called out on some of your more stupid ideas.

Friggin’ wanker.

Posted at 05:33 PM

AT LEAST [Mark Krikorian]

I didn’t get my job because of who my parents are, Beluga-boy.

Posted at 05:41 PM


…out of this, prick.

Posted at 05:52 PM

BLOW ME [Mark Krikorian]

, asswipe.

Posted at 06:06 PM

I’M SO [JPod]

…gonna kick your lily-white ass.

Posted at 06:13 PM

OOOOOOOO… [Mark Krikorian]

Big talk, Man-Boobs boy. If you have to move more than ten feet you’ll be reaching for your asthma puffer.


Posted at 06:06 PM


…you’re a dead man. A dead man, you hear me. I will eat your fucking heart.

Posted at 06:13 PM

HEY. WHAT’S [Jonah Goldberg}

…going on with you guys? This reminds me of that Simpson’s episode when Homer gets in a fight with George HW Bush.

Posted at 06:25 PM

YO JONAH [JPod & Mark Krikorian]

Fuck off, craphound.

Posted at 06: 33 PM

…and then it just went downhill from there.

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