Red Alert

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Nancy Grace’s long national nightmare came to an end this morning when British authorities arrested Neil Entwistle for killing his wife and baby daughter. This morning Grace, who had been reduced to reading night court proceedings from Ames Iowa, was rushed to a medical facility where her incisors were resharpened, the fluid in her eyebrow hydraulics was topped-off, and she was taken off of her medication (a commonly used horse tranquilizer).

Meanwhile cable news operations went on twenty-four hour familycide alert as they pulled journalists off of the NSA spying case, the Scooter Libby trial, the war in Iraq, House Majority leader John Boehner’s ethical problems, the missing funds in Iraq, the impending war with IranSyriaVenezuela, the White House fantasyland budget, and the Britney Spears/Pink white trash smackdown.

No word yet from Amber Frey on whether she has admitted to sleeping with Entwistle, and Jennifer Wilbanks could not be found for comment. Again.

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