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Virginia Senate committee kills gay rights bill

No big surprise here. Exiting Governor Mark Warner and current officeholder Tim Kaine signed executive actions to bar discrimination against gays and lesbians in state and local government, but an attempt to extend those measures permanently through legislation met with the usual bible beating BS.

The General Laws and Technology Committee voted 8-6 to kill the measure, which would have made a nondiscrimination order signed by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine a permanent state law. It also would have expanded the policy to include local governments and school boards.

Jack Knapp of the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists said the state should not extend employment protections to gays.

We feel the activity is against the teaching of word of God, and that settles it for us,” Knapp said.

His comments set off a testy exchange with Sen. Yvonne B. Miller, D-Norfolk, who said support for slavery was built in the church. “I don’t think you, Senator Miller, were ever personally a slave,” Knapp said.

Let’s see, and Knapp’s point was what? Miller needed to be a slave to understand why it’s OK to discriminate against homos? That the door to civil rights slams shut once blacks were no longer slaves? WTF kind of dumb bigot is this “Christian” guy?


While on the state of things in Virginia, what on earth is going on with these “Christian” wingers who are threatening a gay NoVa radio show host? This is via Wayne Besen:

A Northern Virginia radio show that caters to a younger gay audience received threats this week to shut down, or else. E-mails from right wing yahoos hinted at violence if Chad Larson, host of The Edge Show , did not cancel his program. While the e-mails did not offer a specific threat, they did claim that members of one church organization have “removed homosexuals from places before” and that , “If Mr. Larson won’t go quietly, we are ready for a fight.” The e-mail did not specify which church the writer claimed to be from.

“The penalty for homosexuality is death. Humans are not allowed to kill,” one e-mail stated. “That’s why God sent AIDS. When Chad Larson is lying on his death bed from this incurable illness, he will wish he had of turned to us for help.”

Larson said the threats are being taken seriously, but the show will go on, each Saturday at 1PM on WEBR in Fairfax.

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