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NYT: Some Democrats Are Sensing Missed Opportunities. Good grief. We need to order a truckload of Pampers for these babies. The Dems are clueless; when you read this article you’ll see that they are all over the bleeping map.

Democrats are heading into this year’s elections in a position weaker than they had hoped for, party leaders say, stirring concern that they are letting pass an opportunity to exploit what they see as widespread Republican vulnerabilities.

In interviews, senior Democrats said they were optimistic about significant gains in Congressional elections this fall, calling this the best political environment they have faced since President Bush took office.

But Democrats described a growing sense that they had failed to take full advantage of the troubles that have plagued Mr. Bush and his party since the middle of last year, driving down the president’s approval ratings, opening divisions among Republicans in Congress over policy and potentially putting control of the House and Senate into play in November.

Did a light bulb come on? Nope, it’s still dark in the room.

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Oh, no, Republicans never bring up partisan politics at a funeral...

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding