The Fugly Flack

I just got home from a soccer game (more on that below because I know how much you all just love soccer stories) and I just had an opportunity to watch Chris Matthews absolutely destroy Torie Clarke.


I couldn’t help but notice that Torie is out flogging Lipstick on a Pig – Winning In the No-Spin Era by Someone Who Knows the Game which is pretty ballsy when you consider that she was the point (wo)man in pumping up the volume on a unnecessary war that has killed thousands…and now she wants to share her secrets! Kewl!

Of course, being the total man-bitch that I am, I can’t hear Torie Clarke’s name without remembering the way she dazzled and confounded the Pentagon reporters with a wardrobe that fogged their minds and caused them to forget the tough questions. Here is a Torie for all seasons:

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You may now reset your eyes back to their original factory settings.

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