Next to last football futball update for awhile

Never got hurt in this sport… 

With a reconstructed ACL, the lovely and talented Casey’s rehab continues and it’s going very well. Two weeks after surgery she can already bend her knee back to 90 degrees which is ahead of the curve and gives us hope that she will be ready to play in Europe in late June (Spain and Germany during men’s World Cup). We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

I didn’t want this to be all about L&T Casey though, so here is the update on her team. Currently 19-3-3, they play their last league game on Friday against the last place team. A win or a tie will give them their 14th league title in the past fifteen years. They are currently ranked 1st in the county and 19th in the country and lead San Diego with 12 shutouts. Tonight before I even sat down in the stadium they scored two goals in the first four minutes and went on to win 5-0. Last Friday they avenged their only league loss (1-0) with a 7-0 score, so they seem to be ready for the county championships. In soccer though, who knows. Best of luck to the girls.

For us, we’re looking forward to getting Casey up and playing again, and an injury-free international season, club season, and her final high school season.

Knock on wood.

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