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What is it with the Alabama church fires?

Now there are four more. No one seems to know what is going on. The four new fires were near the Mississippi state line, in sparsely populated areas off of rural roads, between 10 and 20 miles from one another. The fires are similar to the five reported Friday south of Birmingham.

Kathy at Birmingham Blues notes, “I wonder if Chris Matthews will blame Quakers or vegans for these fires…” After all, he’s the dumb*ss who speculated it was liberals and homos torching the first set of churches.


Five Santa Cruz churches target of ‘hate crime’

Speaking of targeting houses of worship, Blender Fritz passed on news that California’s experiencing vandalism as well.

The vandals used a stencil to leave specially crafted messages and images about a half-foot across. One depicted a cross with an equal sign followed by a swastika. Church leaders said another stated “Abort Christ,” a message one minister called “stunning and distressing.”

The targeted churches included Holy Cross, Messiah Lutheran, High Street Community, First Congregational and Calvary Episcopalian. Also struck was the Agnus Dei Christian bookstore on Cedar Street and the Santa Cruz Mission Adobe park, which is near Holy Cross.

The Rev. Mark Stetz of Holy Cross said the messages seemed so general that it is not clear what the person or people were upset about. He said the church reaches out to all members of the community and tries to promote social justice. “There is nothing constructive about what they did,” he said. “It’s just damaging and destructive, and the resources needed to repair those things could have been used to help people in other ways.”

It was the second time in just over three months that the Mission Santa Cruz chapel has been defaced, according to a report in the San Jose Mercury News.

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