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The brilliance of James Inhofe

My god, Oklahoma. You are blessed with two winners in the Senate (and I am typing this from the state that sent the Empty Wig Dole and Pharma Boy Richard Burr there). It’s bad enough that you have Tom Coburn, but James Inhofe is a complete jackass.

Republican Senator James Inhofe says it’s time to expose liberals and how their radical views damage national security. In a recent speech to the Heritage Foundation, the Oklahoma senator said America needs to be aware of the “idyllic blindness” of many liberal lawmakers on Capitol Hill. According to Inhofe, they are the real threat to America’s national security. “I know some of the very liberal members in the House and the Senate — and honestly, they don’t think we need a military,” says Inhofe.

They believe in their own hearts that if all countries would stand in a circle and hold hands and unilaterally disarm, that all threats will go away. They won’t say it, but that’s what they believe.” Inhofe says liberal lawmakers began dismantling the military during the Clinton years, based on this idealistic view, but that President Bush’s administration has done a good job of rebuilding what was destroyed.

Come the f*ck on, Inhofe. That Kumbaya BS is in your imagination in a post-9/11 world. No, the difference between our side and yours is that you talk a good game while your Chimperor invades a country to avenge his daddy, pisses on our Constitution, spies on U.S. citizens, cuts medical benefits for those who served their country, and leaves the current crop of men and women over in Iraq as IED fodder without sufficient body armor and fortified vehicles.

Now who’s the real threat to national security?

* Tom Coburn is an ass, perhaps an insane one
* Inhofe = ass

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding