A smiley face and a bullet

Laura Ingraham, who is basically Ann Coulter without the testicles, reports from Iraq:

You wouldn’t know it by reading the New York Times, but IED attacks are actually down since December. I headed over to the Iraqi side of the base, where I saw the Iraqi troops being trained, with interpreters on site, of course. The men-about 30 of them-were friendly and seemed dedicated. They also risk their lives just by being part of the new Iraqi security forces-so most didn’t want their pictures taken. Their American counterparts seem genuinely fond of these men-and not happy that the whole story is not being told by the “major media.” More of the battlefield control is being turned over to the Iraqis later in the spring. “When the Iraqis see one of their own on top of a tank, they seem really proud,” said one of the military trainers.(my emphasis)

Then they kill them.

“Thanks for coming here, Laura,” Brigade Cmdr. MacWilley said, as he waved goodbye. “How do we get the rest of the country to see the great work these men and women are doing here?” “You just did,” I said.

Then the spunky gal gave him a thumbs-up, a toothy grin, and headed back to her hotel room in the heavily fortified Green Zone where she raided the mini-bar and berated the maid for missing last nights turn-down service.

And for those keeping score at home, the tell-the-folks-back-home-what-the-MSM-won’t-tell-them anecdote has officially replaced the cabdriver-reaffirming-my-worldview anecdote.

It’s the new black.

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