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Virginia: why is this bullsh*t coming out of this man's mouth?

“Sexual orientation is a broad term. There are eight different sexual orientations, including pedophilia and bestiality. I think we’d be opening up Pandora’s box and allowing judges to interpret what that means.”
— Del. Mark L. Cole (R-Fredericksburg), on why he wants to strip the state budget of outgoing Governor Mark Warner’s language protecting gay state workers from discrimination.

Jeebus H. Christ. I think I’m going to blow my stack over the brain-dead bigot legislators like this dolt who managed to find sheeple to elect him (Cole reminds me of our friend here in NC, Bill “Anal Probe” James). Anyone living in Mark Cole’s district needs to bombard his office with letters over this nonsense. Straight out of the Santorum playbook. It’s so tired, so unhinged, so ignorant. (WaPo):

Senate Bill 700 would make permanent safeguards in state employment issued in December by outgoing governor Mark R. Warner (D) and extend them to local governments and school boards.

The Democratic sponsors said they hope to find support from moderate Republicans, many of whom supported the constitutional amendment, which is poised to go before voters in November, but may be eager to show they also oppose workplace discrimination.

“I think people across the commonwealth need to know what their legislative body’s position is on anti-discrimination policies,” said Sen. L. Louise Lucas (D-Portsmouth), one of the bill’s two chief sponsors. “If you don’t want to see people be subject to discrimination, what’s so wrong with saying we will not tolerate discrimination?”

Victoria Cobb, executive director of the Family Foundation in Virginia, rejected the need for such a provision. “This is another legislative attempt to force people to believe that homosexuality is as immutable as the color of a person’s skin,” she said. “Former homosexuals would state they made a choice to enter and to leave this lifestyle.”

The key to this legislation is that anti-discrimination policy is currently a measure enabled by the governor’s executive order, which lapses every four years. This means it truly is renewed only by the governor’s goodwill. Current Governor Tim Kaine picked it up from Warner and signed it, but again, if the legislature puts it into the statute, this will become unneccessary — and thus the current battle. The wingers want it stripped from the budget, using homos as a political football.

The bill, by the way — so Delegate Cole can sleep at night — mandates that sexual orientation does not include “sexually deviant disorders,” as defined in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Hat tip Holly.

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