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The NSA hearings are a farce

Dropped by Glenn Greenwald‘s pad for a moment and saw something that made me want to hurl. The lying bastard Gonzales was not required by Arlen Specter to testify under oath. OMG. Glenn, live blogging:

I understood that Gonzales was going to be sworn in. Apparently, Specter decided that he did not want him to be. I think that’s a good debate to begin with — why are Republicans so eager to avoid putting Gonzales under oath ? He’s testifying as a fact witness, and his prior statements at issue — including his false assuarances to Sen. Feingold at his confirmation hearings — were under oath, so this testimony should be, too.

Two birds of a feather, neither under oath: Chimpy would only “visit” with the 9/11 Commission; looks like his boy Gonzales is only “visiting” with the Senate Judiciary Committee — no oath, no truth.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding