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CWA's SCOTUS watch

Concerned Women for America’s Jan LaRue is salivating over the possibility of another crack at the Supreme Court. Sadly, it is indeed our worst nightmare.

A pro-family activist thinks the battle over the next Supreme Court nominee could be just a few months away. Jan LaRue of Concerned Women for America expects another vacancy on the high court to occur this summer. “The speculation is that Justice John Paul Stevens will announce his retirement for the end of the term in June,” she says. Stevens is considered to be one of the four liberals on the court.

Jan hobnobbing with her winger Supremes at Alito’s swearing-in.

LaRue believes his resignation could trigger a war over the next nominee, spawning what she calls “the worst kind of desperation politics ever.” It is expected that President Bush would nominate another conservative jurist — and LaRue says she knows what would happen then. “We will see the ugly rise of the filibuster once again,” says the CWA spokesperson. Justice Stevens is 85 years old and has been on the U.S. Supreme Court for 31 years.

I have to agree with her. It will be the worst kind of desperation politics ever. I just don’t know if I can bear to watch this happen — there are is so much hanging in the balance and Dems showed us in the end that they weren’t willing to really go to the mat on Alito.

Put on your thinking caps, Blenders. What is the game plan if one of the court’s liberals steps down, now that we’ve lost two seats? We certainly cannot count on the Dems to have one.

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