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Wingnut legal group: Christians on college campuses are being persecuted and indoctrinated. To counter that, a “Center for Academic Freedom” is being launched, as well as a web site to bolster the faith of the fallen students.

And you know why it’s needed? Here is the reason, according to the Alliance Defense Fund which represents evangelical Christians and David French, the former president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). Try not to laugh…

French says the Center is designed to “end the illegal persecution and forced indoctrination of Christian students” on campuses across America. The statistics, he says, are both “staggering and sad” — statistics he contends are influenced by a campus environment that encourages assaults on the Christian faith.

About 52 percent of students enter college campuses attending church regularly — [but] by their senior year, only about 29 percent are still attending church regularly,” French notes. “[T]he fact of the matter is that this loss of faith often is hastened and assisted by a series of unconstitutional policies and a culture that relentlessly attacks Christian belief. And so we’re going to be standing against that.”

Let’s see, their faith is so weak that the college experience erases any traces of the brainwashing received at the hands of the Dobson-approved crowd. And the problem is???

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding