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Late Nite FDL: Name Norah O’Donnell Edition

Our very own Glenn Greenwald is going to be CSPAN tomorrow at 7:45-8:30am EST debating University of Virgnia Professor Robert Turner (who has advocated in the WSJ and other places that Congress has no right to limit the President’s ability to pick his teeth with the Constitution). Glenn also got an advance look at Ted Kennedy’s questions, and he will be live blogging the hearings starting at 9:30am EST, as will Leah of Corrente. No doubt Reddhedd will be doing so here if Fiona is in the mood for a little am bloviating.

Meanwhile, since Norah O’Donnell has been assigned to cover the extremely complicated Plame case for reasons unfathomable, Alvord suggested that she needs a new nickname. I heartily agree so we are going to have a "Name Norah O’Donnell" contest. Whoever comes up with the winner gets a copy of Kos’s new book.

The nominees to date are:

No nutin’ Nora

The floor is now open for other nominations. We will have a runoff later in the week as the news cycle cooperates.

And we have now raised almost $6,000 on this site for Ciro Rodriguez. As if we needed more reason to support Ciro, John at Americablog lets us know about his positive voting record when it comes to gay rights. And Chris Bowers has more on the neanderthal DINO voting record of his opponent, Cuellar.

Our Actblue page is still here and it isn’t going anywhere.

Update: The General has more to say about the undeserved military honors that add a little zing to a man’s bearing, and over at Kos they are showing Joe Lieberman how much they appreciate his Alito vote.

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