Obligatory Super Bowl Post

Word down at the sushi bar (where all the true football fans hang out) is that the officiating was so bad it looked like the game was fixed. You may commence kibitzing in the comments. (Click on the time-stamp, newbies)

I think that Paul Tagliabue has his work cut out for him.

(Added): The Award for Stupidest Attempt To Link The Super Bowl To Anything Not Related To Football goes to Wlady Pleszczynski :

Finally, you’ve got to like Coach Cowher — a real, mean football tough guy who’s putty in the hands of his wife and many daughters. Finally-finally, you have to be happy for Pittsburgh, a real place, for one thing. Now who’s done more for the city, the Pittsburgh Steelers or Mrs. John Kerry? Was she even at the game?

Don’t these guys ever give it a rest?

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