A brief response

I don’t want to get in the habit of responding to comments, but I think the person who wrote this below in comments:

I’m not questioning their right to be angry. I’m saying that TBogg is simply using this crisis as another flimsy excuse to wag the finger of scorn at his usual objects of hatred. Basically, TBogg’s response to Muslims threatening a holy war is “Yeah, well Christians aren’t very nice either, you know”. Is that really all the guy has to say?

…deserves an answer.

American Firsters and the “My God is a better God than your God” crowd need someone to hate. How can they go through the day chanting “we’re number one” if they don’t have someone in second place to look down upon? Thus we move from interning the Japanese to hating communists and, with the decline of the Cold War, to turning inward on gays and, of course, the handy all-purpose hatred of African-Americans that never goes out of style. Hating the French was just a brief fling, like an old girlfriend that you call from time to time because you know she puts out, Now it’s the Muslims because they fit all of our daily minimum requirements for chest-beating hatred. They’re brown, they not Christian, and they don’t necessarily agree that our way is the way that they want to live their lives. Invading their countries, occupying their land and killing them seems to piss them off too.

The people who are so all fired up about the riots couldn’t care less about freedom of speech; just ask them about Ted Rall or Tom Toles. This is just a button that they want to push to provoke a people that they hate because it confirms every wet dream they have ever had about their own superior way of life.

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