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In the Blend mailbag, lots of good tidbits…

* Blogger ScoutPrime is now posting over at First Draft, and is hitting the Bush Boys Bring New Orleans Back (BNOB) commission members Donald Bollinger and Joe Canizaro hard (see my earlier post). There is a movement by those who would profit most from the rebuilding of NOLA to derail efforts to pass the Baker bill, and prefer the government only buy out only 20,000 out of 200,000 homeowners whose homes have been destroyed by Katrina.

The Baker bill is very popular in Louisiana. People want it because it is essential to recovery. Without the Baker bill everything that 200,000 homeowners had will be worthless. Absolutely worthless. They will face foreclosures and walk away from their former lives with nothing. And developers will buy the land up cheap and make a killing.

Scout has action items in the post.

* Michael Stickings at The Reaction blogs about Google’s entry into China and the sh*tstorm of bad press the company has garnered for censoring its search engine for the market. Michael:

I’ve just written an expanded version of my defence of Google’s decision to go to China. My position, which is neither pro-Google nor pro-China but focuses on the consequences of opening up markets to the flow of information, seems to be the unconventional one.

* From the “extreme lapse of judgment files,” Paul sent this howler, Warriors Fire PR Manager Over E-Mail, saying “Oops. It’s really easy to hit that “Reply To All” button by mistake… As President Bush would say: ‘You’re doing a heck of job, Eric‘.”

The public relations manager for the Golden State Warriors was fired Wednesday for inadvertently sending out a racially insensitive e-mail titled “Ghetto Prom” to the team’s entire media distribution list.

Eric Govan, the No. 3 person on the Warriors’ media relations staff, sent the e-mail featuring 17 photos, many depicting scantily clad black people in formal attire and commentary on the outfits. The e-mail went to dozens of newspaper reporters, columnists and sports editors, as well as television and radio stations….Warriors spokesman Raymond Ridder confirmed that Govan is no longer employed by the club.

Govan, said the email was supposed to go only to his wife. That makes it all so much better, doesn’t it? All his PR spinning skilz couldn’t save his ass. More on this at DeadSpin, which referred to this as “the ultimate ‘Oh, shit’ moment” after hitting the Send button.

* Gary at AdvanceIndiana is reporting on a potential conspiracy by big-time Christian right leader, Eric Miller, and his law firm to evade Indiana’s lobbying law and federal tax laws. He’s a big-time gay basher who has been pushing the ban on gay marriages and fought against passage of the human rights ordinance for Indianapolis. Gary says that the local paper, the Indianapolis Star, has been sitting on the story for months.

Miller, by the way, has said that God reserves marriage for heterosexual couples because they can procreate and insure the survival of the human race. Mr. Miller has been married twice and has produced no children from either marriage.

* Anderson Cooper 360 featured a segment on pro-gay Texas gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell last night (I didn’t catch it, did anyone see this). Bell will be facing off against incumbent homophobic Governor Rick “Very Merry Metrosexual” Perry. Bell’s site says the piece will cover the candidate’s role in the downfall of Tom DeLay.

Also featured on the show was former NFL star Roy Simmons, who talked about being gay and closeted while in pro football: “Simmons told me about the secret of his homosexuality and how it had tortured him for his entire professional football career. He said that in the NFL you can be a wife-beater or a drug-dealer, but being gay…forget about it.”

* Speaking of being gay in the NFL, out former player Esera Tuaolo (who spoke at NC Pride in 2004), has a book out, Alone in the Trenches, chronicling his struggle in the closet while playing professional sports. He came out in 2002, also after retiring. There is a good article on Tualo on PrideSource. Here’s a heartbreaking snippet.

One of Tuaolo’s toughest moments came right after the 1999 Super Bowl in which the Denver Broncos defeated his team, the Atlanta Falcons. The team bus returned to their hotel and all the players’ wives and families were out waiting for them. Tuaolo’s life-partner, Mitchell Wherley, was there, but they did not dare approach each other in public.

“It hurt,” said Tuaolo. “Seeing the smiles of the other families, how the players held their wives and being able to be free to be themselves. Here we were in the closet, running in the shadows. Coming off that bus, and seeing all the wives and families come up and hug the players, because that was what we needed. We had just lost a game we should have won. The Super Bowl – something that important, you can’t get that back.”

* Holly pointed to a good WaPo article on Episcopal priest and retired U.S. Senator John Danforth, who is calling out the wild-eyed bible thumper extremists for hijacking the Republican party. Good luck with that, friend. These crazies have moderate Republicans on the run.

“The Republican Party has been taken over by something that it’s not…How do traditional Republicans put up with this? They put up with this because it’s a winning combination, for now. It won’t last.”

Why won’t it last?

“It won’t stand the light of day,” Danforth says in one of several conversations. “The more people think about it, the more people will resist it. People do not want a sectarian political party, including a lot of people who are traditional Republicans.”

Richard Land gets a big laugh out of that. The combative voice of the Southern Baptist Convention and confidant of White House political guru Karl Rove has little use for Danforth, however grand his religious and political pedigrees. He describes the former senator as “what was wrong with the Republican Party and why they were a minority party.”

“Votes reflect moral values. The struggle for hearts and minds gets reflected in the ballot box,” Land says, setting up the twist
of the knife. “It just sounds to me like Danforth’s sore that he lost the argument with a majority of the American people.”

Whew. And we thought the Dems had a circular firing squad.

* Fighting Dem Paul Hackett, who is running for the U.S. Senate (Ohio), has launched a new blog. See my earlier post, Another Dem gay-rights spine located: Paul Hackett.

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