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Looney archbishop: church is in peril because of gays

I knew that homos were considered wicked, but really — we are now so all-powerful that we may destroy the Anglican church, according to Peter Jensen, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Australia. More power to you, queer Aussies — send some of your strategies our way.

In an attack on liberals, Dr Jensen told Anglican Mainstream members that the Bible said homosexuality was a matter of life and death, therefore “we would be cowards if we do not make clear this is an issue of life and death”.

Dr Jensen, who returned to Australia yesterday, said that accepting homosexuality compromised the holiness of the church, “calling holy what God called sin”.

…Dr Jensen said his critics claimed evangelicals were obsessed with sex, whereas the gospel “was not about who people slept with but about God”. He said critics also claimed evangelicals were turning opinion into dogma and were resisting the inevitable future of a broader understanding of human sexuality.

“These are strong points, but I believe there are stronger answers to each of them,” Dr Jensen said. “The issue before us is the concrete form of the question of God’s authority.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding