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Christian UK sex toy store's popular with pastors

We’re talking across the pond, folks…the married, hop-on, hop-off, procreative-sex-only bible beaters here probably aren’t interested in Hot Sex Dice, Rumble Balls or Snake Pouches. No wait, scratch that, they’re interested, but they will feel dirty afterwards.

The snake pouch for pious pee-pees.

Wholly Love bills itself a site selling “products and advice celebrating God’s fantastic gift of sex within Christian marriage. And business is booming.

A Welsh couple who set up a Web site to sell sex aids, toys and games to Christians say business is booming, especially from ministers.

Stella Hagarty and husband Stan set up the Wholly Love site fully expecting a torrent of criticism, but have had a pleasant surprise, Sky News reported. “We have been expecting a storm of protest over what we’re doing, but we’ve had no negative feedback so far,” said 31-year-old Stella Hagarty. “In fact, we’ve had a lot of orders from vicars themselves.”

She told The Sun the site contains no nudity, and does not sell items for bondage or sado-masochism.

Why no BDSM gear? Who knows what some of those wild and crazy vicars are up to?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding