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I teach philosophy at Virginia Tech, and I like to use real examples when I teach fallacies in my intro to logic course. You have a post on Pam’s web site that has a great example of the equivocation over ‘hate crime’ :

Aren’t all crimes agaisnt innocent persons *Hate Crimes*? Which ones are considered *Love Crimes*?

Could you send me info on where you found it, so I can cite it properly?


Laura ____________
Philosophy Department
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Laura, that is the handiwork of one of the denizens of Free Republic. Unfortunately, the author composed under a pseudonym, so I can’t give you a positive identity. If you were to spend enough time there, you could compile enough quotes for an entire semester.

If you need another fine example of logical fallacy, I’ve got another quote for you. However, like the other quote, I can’t with 100% certainty give you a positive identity on the author.

The area described is lower middle class with a high percentage of Portuguese folks. It sits by Fall River, a city with a similar population. You might recall Bill Clinton doing a photo-op there while running for President. The area is highly Democratic. This cretin most likely is a donkey. Which makes him an ass in more ways than one?

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