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The blogmistress was buried under a ton of work on the paying gig today, so sorry for the light posts. My Blend inbox, as usual, is full from the day’s missives, so apologies for not getting to all the tips coming in. I’ll have a “This and That” roundup post up soon.

Thanks to Russ for kindly serving up so much fresh java in the coffeehouse today, especially on that heinous cretin wielding multiple weapons in that Massachusetts gay bar. When I hear about sh*t like this, I immediately think — gee, when was the last time you heard of a homo running into a het bar shooting/stabbing/braining folks for being straight? Are we going to see some sort of gay panic/mental illness defense?

Sitting in my inbox were several public statements from folks on this awful event, placing it in the context of why the pending hate crimes legislation before Congress should be adopted. Howard Dean resurfaced with this comment:

“The horrible hate crime against members of the LGBT community witnessed in Massachusetts last night is a sad reminder that shameful efforts to scapegoat any group of Americans for electoral gain is a dangerous strategy that carries real human cost. It needlessly plays on people’s fears and contributes to a political climate dominated by fear and division.

The American people understand that scapegoating groups of Americans for electoral gain is not just dangerous, it is un-American and has no place in our society. Hopefully, born of this tragedy will be a renewed commitment to bringing all Americans together and embracing our diversity. It is time for Republicans and Democrats to come together to find real solutions to the challenges that confront all Americans.”

Well it’s nice to see Howard stepping up to the plate with that statement. Too bad his party sucks up to and promotes politicians like Tim Kaine who don’t mind stepping on homos to court the right wing. When we see some real commitment to embracing diversity in the party, we can talk Howard. Maybe you can find more than the meager handful of usual Dems willing to come forward and speak out for full equality and respect for LGBT citizens.

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-WI):

“This ugly incident in Massachusetts is a stark reminder of why hate crimes legislation is critically important and why the federal government must take the lead in condemning such heinous acts. At the same time, we must continue efforts to eliminate the root causes of hatred and violence in our society.”

Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese weighs in:

“When a man walks into a bar, asks if it’s a gay bar and starts shooting, there couldn’t be any more glaringly obvious and enraging example that we need uniform hate crimes law and that Congress is stubbornly failing to act.”

And Ted Kennedy released a statement on a local crime (doing something Elizabeth Dole didn’t do when we had cross-burnings in Durham last year, btw. My email to her resulted in this mind-blowing reply).

“Hate crimes have no place in our society, and this hateful act is a sad reminder of how far we have to go,” Senator Kennedy said. “I join all of New Bedford and all of Massachusetts in praying for the victims’ recovery and in demanding justice.

After eight long years of delay, it’s essential that we finally pass long overdue federal legislation to combat these despicable crimes.”

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