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Man, 18, sought in gay bar attack

This just in from Massachusetts, the only state where gay marriage is legal:

(CNN) — Police on Thursday are seeking a man in connection with gun and hatchet attacks overnight at a gay bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Three people were wounded.

A bartender, who asked only to be identified as Phillip, told CNN he had a bad feeling when a man entered the Puzzles Lounge after 11:30 p.m. ET Wednesday and asked if it were a gay bar.

“At that time I was a little nervous as to why he was asking,” the bartender said. “I don’t know if it’s because he felt out of place if he wasn’t gay, or if it’s because he wanted to actually find out if he’s in the right place.”

He said the man was dressed in a hooded, black sweat shirt, with the hood over his face, and baggy jeans. “He just had a stone cold look on his face … just emotionless,” Phillip said.

After finishing the drink and ordering a second one, Philip said, the man moved to the back of the bar, watching a game of pool briefly before taking out a hatchet — a small ax the size of a hammer, Phillip said. “He started swinging the hatchet on top of this customer’s head,” he said.

The bartender said he then called 911, trying to keep the phone from view, and urged patrons out the door.

Meanwhile, the attacker struck a second patron with the hatchet, pulled out a gun and shot the first victim in the face and the second twice in the head, Phillip said. A third person also was shot in the abdomen.

Phillip said he came face to face with the attacker at the bar door and the man pointed a gun at his face and pulled the trigger but nothing happened.

This is what’s happening in what’s considered the most liberal, most gay-friendly state in America. An eighteen-year-old man, barely old enough to vote and smoke, not old enough to drink or rent a car, but apparently steeped in hatred and intolerance from a very young age. I doubt that pulling a gun and a hatchet in public against adult men is his opening foray into violent intolerance.

Wanna bet this kid was more than a little belligerent against the “different” kids in his school? Wanna bet if we polled kids that knew him, they’d tell us he was a cruel bully with a laundry list of offenses against weaker kids? Wanna bet if we pulled his school records, we’d see incidents of violence and anti-gay hatred that were given a slap on the wrist? And some people wonder why Pam & I are supportive of the Safe Space posters?

[UPDATE] Here’s a nice little bit of backstory, from the Tampa Tribune:

Acting Police Chief David Provencher said Robida had graduated in 2001 from the city’s Junior Police Academy, a “boot camp” that teaches discipline to 12- to 14-year-olds.

No kidding. It takes discipline to coldly attempt to murder multiple adult males in public.

Alright, Russ, take it easy. There isn’t widespread support for this sort of thing. Even your political opponents would think this is a vile act. So you have nothing to fear by chaining up the snow tires and crossing over Freeperton Pass…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

I demand hatchet control immediately. Especially those deadly assault axes.

A teenager armed with a hatchet — Kerry Nation!

Aren’t all crimes agaisnt innocent persons *Hate Crimes*? Which ones are considered *Love Crimes*?

The ones that happen at highway rest stops.

Looks like Skippy will be spending time behind ‘gay’ bars.

I wonder if this person was the victim of molestation at the hands of homosexuals? Not that it would excuse attempted murder on random homosexuals, it wouldn’t.

Yeah, the drinking age is 21 in Taxachusetts [He used a fake ID that said he was 23, numbnuts]. Plus, he was out after midnight. It couldn’t possibly have been gay gays looking for underage kids could it?

yeah some buggering cranks are in jeopardy by excessive hacheting…!

Reportedly, the teenager was asked: “Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”

I guess since Brokeback Mountain, he mighta been expecting gay Indians too.

HOW MANY MORE MISTAH SPEAKAH? HOW MANY MORE? I wonder if a male teacher at the school took liberties?

The SCOTUS should strike all these [hate crime laws] down. For sure! Equal rights for all criminals! No more discrimination! Both “love” criminals and “hate” criminals – all punished equally please. The one exception is law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. They represent us all and deserve special protection. [Nice to see this freepject thinks police dogs’ lives (they are considered “law enforcement officers” in sentencing if you kill one) are more deserving of protection than victims of hate crimes.]

Lover’s spat.

Isn’t this an exposure of the Gay agenda? Was this place a Chicken-Hawk hunting ground? Or a place that allows underage Gays access to alcohol and predators?

On second thought, forget Freeperton Pass. ‘Tis a disgusting place.

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