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Kung Fu Monkey on the evil liberal Hollywood conspiracy to only nominate Bush-bashing, fag-loving movies for the Oscar

The Oscar noms are out, and the Righties are seeing evidence of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy in the films Hollywood has nominated. Conservative film blogger Jason Apuzzo of Libertas (“A Forum for Conservative Thought on Film”) makes the case (emphasis mine):

Nonetheless, a new trend is developing in what ‘indie’ films the Academy honors. This year the Academy is hot for left-leaning, ’social issue’ films: “North Country” (sexual harassment), “The Constant Gardener” (evil pharmaceutical companies), “Good Night, and Good Luck” (evil Republican Senators), “Syriana” (’it’s all about oil’), “Brokeback Mountain” (gay cowboys), “Munich” (the ‘cycle of violence’), “Transamerica” (sex change operations), etc.

And in one of the finest, best-written, most entertaining examples of blog-spat rebuttal and deconstruction on the internet (excepting, of course, my own verbose vituperations of The Anti-Blogger and The Libertrollian), Kung Fu Monkey’s John Rogers lays out the smackdown on the feebleminded conservative’s thesis.

Are you trying to play that McCarthy was just a well-meaning Senator who’s just now being maligned by revisionist liberals, and that his vicious drunken smear tactics, abuse of his office and treason-mongering are only being made subject of the film because he’s Republican? Seriously, you want to live in that camp? … oooookay. Just checking.

I don’t think we can go on. I could never, in my wildest dreams, have nailed the close to this discussion like that [Apuzzo lamenting that Star Wars III only got an Oscar nod for makeup]. It’s … sublime. It’s like looking into the solar corona of hackery, eclipsed only by the lunar body of cluelessness. [My vote for metaphor of the month] Even when you go into the comments on his own right-wing site, you read things like: “I too believe Hollywood is filled with perverts and socialists. But an Oscar for [Star Wars] Episode III? Are you high?”

The whole thing is very entertaining. Check it out.

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