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Anti-Blogger's book is top Bloggie prize for best political blog

OK, I’ll admit it, if I had gone to the Bloggies site like Pam asked and voted for my favorite blogs, I would’ve noticed this earlier. So forgive my late congratulations to my anti-blogger, Adam Graham, the conservative anti-abortion Christian writer whose book, The Screwtape Reports, is the top prize for the Best Weblog About Politics, category that includes the semi-liberal Wonkette, the liberal Firedoglake, the liberal Crooks and Liars, the liberal Talking Points Memo, and the liberal DailyKos.

In honor of the ironic occasion, I’m nominating Brandi (“Princess Barbie Talibania“) Swindell to represent Idaho in the Miss Nude America Pageant, I’m donating my five-year collection of Playboy and Maxim magazines to NOW, and offering Adam a “buy one abortion, get the 2nd half-off” coupon as first prize in the My Favorite Conservative Born-Again™ Christian Blogger Whom I’ve Met Personally contest (it was a very short list).

Seriously, dude, congrats, you’re making a name for yourself. I promise Radical Writ will be back up soon so we can resume our Endless Dance of Political Profundity.

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