When cartoonists go beserk

Word around the internets is that this week it’s the cartoonists turn to get smacked around. You got your Pentagon-hating Tom Toles who has the Joint Chiefs acting like he just raised their green fees and then you got your Muslims who don’t like badly drawn cartoons of their big guy because they believe that it promotes idolatry which everyone knows turns people into Catholics.

But those guys are pikers next to Brad Anderson who lets Dick Cheney know that the Valerie Plame investigation is about to catch up to him and hard rain’s a-gonna fall:

By Brad Anderson: America hater. Posted by Picasa

That is obviously Dick Cheney on the right and I’m guessing that is Patrick Fitzgerald on the left using Marmaduke to taunt the ailing VP. Pretty harsh if you ask me. And if that wasn’t bad enough we find the Nancy comic strip making fun of Cheney’s daughter Mary who is a, y’know. One of them.

Ernie Bushmiller would just shit… Posted by Picasa

We just haven’t figured out which one is Mary but there are some who believe that the character on the couch is Jonah Goldberg. Although what he would be doing with Mary Cheney is anyones guess.

Maybe Nancy went da-da after Bushmiller died…

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