That little known fourth branch of the government

Of all of the pronouncements that have come out of this White House, this one may be my favorite (via First Draft):

Bush aides, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and designees such as former Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Mike Brown failed to take leadership role during the hurricane, Walker said, underscoring “the immaturity of and weaknesses” of national preparations for terrorism and disaster.

Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., who asked Walker to report to a House investigation whose work is due Feb. 15, said Bush aides from Vice President Dick Cheney to Chief of Staff Andrew Card to Homeland Security adviser Frances Fragos Townsend “were just not prepared for a storm of this magnitude.

“The director … of the National Hurricane Center said this was the big one,” Davis said, but “when this happened … Bush is in Texas. Card is in Maine. The vice president is fly-fishing. I mean, who’s in charge here?”


“The Homeland Security Department and the rest of the government, meaning not the White House, were the ones in the lead for operations,” [White House spokeswoman Dana] Perino said. (my emphasis)

In case this comes up in Jeopardy, and for those keeping score at home, they are the legislative, judicial, executive, and the “Who you lookin’ at? What?” branches of the government.

And while you’re over at First Draft, please check out one of the many reasons why George Bush isn’t being deluged with offers from speakers bureaus for his post-presidency.

Oh yeah. And Jonah broke a chair. But that’s fairly common.

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