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My god…why didn't I think of Joe Biden?

Bankruptcy Bill Joe is the answer to Dem’s prayers.

Via Firedoglake, Jane points to evidence that there is no sign of brain activity in the political consultant class. Don’t faint at the headline for this commentary over at MSNBC:

The Case for Joe Biden
A long time political consultant argues that the senior senator from Delaware is the Democrat’s best shot

I cannot bring myself to cut-and-paste any excerpts from this piece by Ron Goldstein, “a veteran of 10 Democratic presidential campaigns dating back to 1976.” OK. One mind-blowing snippet:

The senior senator from Delaware has an appealing media persona: He’s not a bad-looking guy, and his performances seem real, not wooden like those of the last two Democratic nominees. Unlike Howard Dean, his outrage and passion is controlled, not manic. His voting record is appealing to centrist America…

It’s just incredible. This is why Bob Shrum will always find work. One commenter over at Jane’s pad says it best:

“Good God. Don’t kill Bob Shrum. He writes the best concession speeches in the business. We need such experience on the front lines.”

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