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Bastards out of Maryland

Just a few pithy quotes out of the mouths of GOP bigots in Maryland, as its General Assembly raucously debated same-sex marriage on Tuesday. (Baltimore Sun):

Gay marriage “is not within the concept of the laws of nature.”
lunatic Republican Del. Don Dwyer of Anne Arundel County, who sponsored the amendment, and said at the heading that gays can change their sexual orientation.

“If same-sex marriage becomes law in Maryland, I will refuse to perform such ceremonies. Marylanders deserve this constitutional amendment on this ballot. The only way to protect the institution of marriage is though such an amendment.”
Robert P. Duckworth, the Repug Anne Arundel County circuit court clerk, who also said at the hearing (to cheers) that same-sex marriage would open the door to polygamy and marriage between siblings

“This is an issue of overwhelming public importance.”
Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., who is up for re-election, pandering to the Right by endorsing a procedure that allows a bill rejected by a committee to be brought to the floor for full consideration with a majority vote of the chamber.

On the other, saner side of the debate…

“I read somewhere of the separation between church and state,” Crestwell said. “The two can never become one. When you mix the word of God with partisan zeal, it’s disastrous and that’s what’s going on here.”
— the Rev. John Crestwell of Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church in Camp Springs, accusing the measure’s supporters of turning the argument into a populist movement to impose religion on the Constitution.

“This bill will not pass this committee. It hurts me that people would want to discriminate against people just because of who they are. They are using this as an Election Day ploy to get the hard-core conservatives out to vote.”
Del. Curtis S. Anderson, a Baltimore Democrat.

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