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AFA starting up 'Christ' in Christmas pressure early

Like a bad penny…I think the American Family Association must be desperate for cash. Why else would they be harping on this sh*t in January?

The American Family Association says it will begin in June 2006 reminding national retailers that the word “Christmas” is not a four-letter word for most Americans, and it deserves to be included in store promotions and greetings in November and December.

AFA founder and chairman Don Wildmon does not want retailers to have the same excuse some used this past Christmas season. “We will start this summer to give retailers plenty of time to include the simple sentiment in their promotional activity,” says Wildmon.

…”Christians are growing tired of being ignored except when stores want their money,” says the AFA founder of the Mississippi-based ministry. “The outpouring of frustration over the banning of the word ‘Christmas’ was amazing.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding