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It looks like sad sack AOL is now going to be targeted by the insane religious whack jobs. Here is the actual banner headline over at WingNutDaily this AM, easily a major candidate for the Batsh*ttery Award of the day. The article grows more unhinged as you keep reading.

Is new AOL IM slogan marketing blasphemy?
‘I AM’ pitch takes God’s name in vain, say some shocked critics

America Online is now acting like God – using what some consider to be His very name in a marketing pitch for e-mail, voice chat, video chat, instant messaging, text messaging and other forms of communication.

AIM’s new slogan is “I AM.”

[Ian] Millar wonders is any of AOL’s marketing and planning directors ever went to Christian Sunday school or attended Jewish services. He points out to AOL executives that “I AM” is the English translation of YaHWeH, the self-proclaimed name of God.

“He is the Creator and Savior of the world,” explains Millar. “He alone is to be worshipped. To take His name in vain, or use as a common thing is blasphemy, a vulgar sin of offense. Perhaps you have not read the Third Commandment, since they have removed it from so many public monuments in the last decade. But breaking it as a means of marketing your products offends the mind of everyone who worships Him.”

…Millar suggests that perhaps AOL is in need of more religious diversity in its corporate ranks. But he suggests that such oversights would seem implausible in a country “where the Judeo-Christian culture has been pervasive for 300 years.”

You must immediately change the name of your program,” he told Jonathan Miller, the chief executive officer of America Online, and John Buckley, corporate communications officer for the company, in a pointed letter. I can assure you that you will lose business over this marketing tactic from people who worship the Almighty. But worse, you have offended Him by your actions; whether they are deliberate or ignorant. To treat as common the name of God is wicked. God is patient, but mankind is today making an error of epic proportions by the deliberate actions of mocking the Almighty; particularly in the technologically advanced society. His patience with the mockery of mankind will come to an end.”

An “error of epic proportions”? My god. I’m sure the AOL folks will get right on this… OK. Maybe this is just some random nutcase spouting off, right? Uh oh, take a look at this WND poll:

Actually, here’s another reason why AOL is hell-bound for these folks, from last October…

Time Warner’s America Online has hired Mary Cheney, the daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, an AOL spokesman confirmed on Tuesday. Mary Cheney will work closely with Ted Leonsis, vice chairman of America Online and head of the unit whose function it is to increase AOL’s Internet audience via Web-based programming and products, AOL spokesman Nicholas Graham said.

…Mary Cheney recently worked as an aide to her father. A high-profile lesbian [only when it pays], she previously served as gay community liaison for Coors Brewing, which had been criticized for making donations to critics of gay rights.

Despite attempts to keep Mary Cheney out of the news, the subject of her sexuality came up during several debates in the 2004 presidential race when candidates were questioned about their stance on gay rights. The vice president had previously tried to stay quiet on the subject.

AOL has long been a leader in promoting gay-friendly policies and practices, including offering same-sex domestic partners and their children the same benefits as non-gay couples, Graham said.


While I was over at WND, I had to snare this priceless, unrelated headline.

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