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Chris Kromm over at Facing South emailed me about The Alito Effect, saying “red states are salivating to pass laws outlawing abortion. They’re ready to go.”

He’s not joking. Alito hasn’t even sat down in the chair yet, but lawmakers in five states — Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, South Dakota and Tennessee — are ready with bills that would ban all abortions, except in the instance of the woman’s life is at risk.


Carla at Preemptive Karma says, “I’ve been hearing these ‘World Can’t Wait’ ads on Air America here…and they make me cringe. IMO they make us look nutty and off the cliff.” What progressives need to do, instead of protesting, is to hunker down and organize.

All this energy wasted on demonstrations and protests could be channeled into something much more effective: organization. Progressives must continue to rebuild at the state and local level. Our beliefs and values have been allowed to languish in places closest to home. We must rebuild these first. Build the foundation and then work upward toward DC.

Yes, we think Bush is an abomination of governance. Yes we believe that he’s done serious harm to this nation that will take generations to fix. But we can’t convince the American electorate that we’re the better alternative merely staging protests and stamping our feet. We have to prove that we’re better.


Can’t stand the winger beasts at Little Green Footballs? I’ve got a site to point you to that Blogenfreude highly recommends…Little Green Fascists. He says, “scroll down to look at the Pantload Media graphic.”


Blender Ron says, “now my country’s swung to the right (Canada) — read all about it…Another way things look from North of the 49th.”


The 2005 Koufax Award nominations are still rolling out, so surf over and check out all the interesting goings-on. Here’s what’s up so far.

* Best state and local Blogs: The Blend is nominated here; I’m not sure why, I blog out of NC, but I don’t post exclusively about NC or even the South. Some other NC noms here: Ed Cone, Facing South, Greensboro 101, NC Conservation Network Blog, Orange Politics.)

* Best New Blogs: I posted some of the ones I know and read here.

* Most Deserving of Wider Recognition: The Blend is nominated in this category again (it made it to the semis last year).

* Best Post: Believe it or not, two of my posts made it: Skin and the Color of Money and Letter from Peter LaBarbera.

Have fun reading the best of the lefty blogosphere; there are so many worthy nominees in these groups.

Voting will not begin until all the of the noms in all categories are posted. Next set of nominations to be announced will be for Most Humorous Post.

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