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From Gilliard:

Colorado Springs, Colo. – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in bestowing eight Oscar nominations today on the controversial film Brokeback Mountain, is honoring a film that tells only half the story about the experience of homosexuals in American culture, according to Focus on the Family.

Mike Haley, director of gender issues for the ministry and a cofounder of its Love Won Out conference, said the movie would have audiences believe there is only one option available to those who find themselves attracted to someone of the same sex — to identify themselves as homosexuals even if they choose to hide their same-gender attractions from their families and society.

“The real truth is that those who struggle with homosexuality, like the two lead characters in Brokeback Mountain, can leave homosexuality and the pain and emptiness that so often accompanies it,” Haley explained. “Thousands of men and women have done just that — have decided to come to terms with what lies at the roots of their same-sex attractions and to work diligently toward overcoming them.”

Haley, himself a former homosexual who is now a husband and father of two boys, said there is no disputing that Brokeback Mountain is a well-made film filled with moving performances. But its message is dangerous, he added, particularly to teenagers and young adults who are questioning their sexuality.

This guy is so one buckaroo away from a relapse….

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