Live-Blogging the Not Watching the State of the Union

6:15 PST – Waiting for a job applicant to show up so I can make her an offer. She calls : stuck in traffic. I offer to wait.

6:20 – Read ESPN.com. No interesting baseball news.

6:40 – Applicant shows up. I explain the terms of employment and make an offer. She obviously wants the job and will get back to me tomorrow.

7:05 – Casey shows up from rehab and we go have Brazilian food down the street. It’s very good.

7:40 – We leave the restaurant and Casey goes home to do homework while I go to the pharmacy to pick up the fertile and gonna-stay-unpregnant mrs. tbogg’s birth control pills. Pharmacist does not look at me funny. I am oddly relieved.

7:48 – Back home. Take dogs out. Satchmo leaves a steaming load on the front lawn and I am suddenly reminded to check and see what John Hinderaker has to say about the SOTU.

7:53 – Steaming load.

7:54 – Check ESPN.com for baseball news again.

8:28 – Think Progress calls Bush a liar.

8:29 – Martha Alito cries.

8:31 – Still no baseball news at ESPN.com

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