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Tar Heel gay couple protests marriage inequality by refusing to pay taxes

“By not paying taxes, this is a deliberate act of civil disobedience towards a President that wants to make an amendment to the Constitution to only allow marriage between a man and woman, rather than two people who love each other, and that discriminates against us as full citizens of the United States.”
— Hendersonville, NC resident Charles Merrill

A Tar Heel couple decides to take a stand on marriage inequality here. NC does not a state amendment pending (we do have a DOMA in place). I’m sure folks in the states who will be facing an amendment on the ballot this fall will be thinking of following suit. (PRNewswire):

Charles Merrill, a 71-year-old artist, and his partner Kevin Boyle, have announced they will not pay Federal or North Carolina Income Tax on over two million dollars worth of stock sales and income for 2004, because of unfair discrimination in the Federal and State Income Tax Codes.

Merrill said, “I have no intention of paying Federal and State Income taxes because my same sex partner and I cannot be legally married and receive the same tax benefits as other married couples.”

…Charles Merrill and Kevin Boyle are founders of a group called Citizens Against Discrimination. In 1996 they organized and protested an anti-gay resolution in Rutherford County, NC, which caught the attention of national media.

NOTE: I’m not endorsing this, since we all know the IRS, even before it was under the Chimperor’s watch, didn’t look kindly upon this kind of act of civil disobedience. For homos to do it under this Administration is particularly dicey. Blender (and CPA) Melinda chimed in on this via email:

I realize us gays have few options to protest our second class citizenship, but please be assured that what these folks are doing is *not* an option. The IRS doesn’t fuck around with these things. As a CPA of almost 15 years, I can’t count the number of times that I’ve read about the IRS going after tax protester with the usual outcome of serious interest and penalties and, on occaision, even a prision sentence. Usually, the protesters are of the ilk that try and frame their non filings by false statements such as “Congress never ratified the Federal Tax amendment”, or some such nonesense.

Now, you might fly under their radar if you don’t draw attention to yourself and try this tactic, but I guarantee these people will get their asses nailed to the wall on this – especially since there are significant dollars involved. I just hope that they don’t get others thinking that this is a good way to protest the gross unfairness that is happening in this country.

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