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Homo-bigot of the day: Washington 'activist' boob Tim Eyman

He’s known in his parts as a “professional initiative promoter.”

Washington’s Governor, Christine Gregoire, plans to sign the new anti-discrimination bill into law tomorrow morning, and one wingnut is incensed. Tim Eyman filed an initiative today to repeal the gay-rights bill, which passed Friday in the state Senate. According to this article, the AmTaliban groups plan to get behind this turd to take the matter to a public vote. (The Olympian via PageOneQ):

The longtime initiative promoter said in an e-mail to supporters and the media late Sunday, “Politicians aren’t thinking about what the voters want. Let the voters decide.”

“Politicians are deciding based on special interest group pressure and their own re-election calculations,” Eyman added. “The voters have watched this disgusting display of arrogance and selfishness for weeks. The issue has become hopelessly politicized.”

“It’s sad. It’s appalling. It’s anti-American,” state Sen. Karen Fraser, D-Thurston County, said late Sunday when told of Eyman’s latest ballot proposal. “It’s bullying, and it’s a money-making scheme for his organization. It looks like he expects to make a lot of money from bullying innocent people. I think everybody should decline to sign.”

[Democratic Rep. Sam] Hunt expressed outrage over the proposal. “Tim Eyman, have you no shame?” Hunt said. “Eyman is stooping to a new low just to line his pockets and get a mailing list of bigots.”

It appears that a padded cell is in order for this guy. Seriously. Look at this post from local blogger Rich of Eye on Olympia:

It was “a dream come true” for his critics, initiative promoter Tim Eyman joked Thursday: the sight of him and two key associates shuffling in jail jumpsuits, handcuffs and leg chains before state lawmakers. With duct tape over their mouths.

Another fundraising scandal? No. Just more political theater from the man who once filed an initiative while wearing a rubber gorilla suit. Eyman, Mike and Jack Fagan, Mike Dunmire and other allies were trying to draw attention to a series of bills that would regulate — or in one case do away with — citizen initiatives and referenda.

This particular initiative would include language forbidding sexual orientation or sexual preference as a protected class listed in any anti-discrimination statutes. Here’s the language via the Spokesman Review:

Let The Voters Decide

Prohibits government-imposed preferential treatment

Complete Text of “Let The Voters Decide” Referendum


NEW SECTION. Sec. 1. The people oppose important public policy changes being made without voter approval. The voters want an open debate where both sides are given the opportunity to have their voices heard and to persuade the voters on the issues involved. And after months of deliberation and discussion, the voters want to have the final say so that the decision can be made without fear of retaliation or intimidation.

The people oppose the government forcing anyone to impose quotas, set-asides, or other preferential treatment for any group. Under this measure, sexual orientation or sexual preference shall not be a specially protected class. The inclusion of this group as a protected class is preferential treatment over other groups not included in this chapter, such as military status, income level, medical history, or political party membership. The people do not support preferential treatment because the people do not want it to be used as a basis for requiring the legalization of same-sex marriage. Also, the people recognize that more lawsuits are not the answer.

Concerning the new law passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported: “The statewide measure would allow people, for the first time, to sue in state court, where damages could be more lucrative.” The article further reports that their new law provides “the ability to sue in state court where recovery could include not just compensatory damages, but punitive damages.” The people know that the Accept-me-or-else-I’ll-sue-you or the Be-nice-to-me-or-else-I’ll-have-you-arrested approach will only increase resentment and conflict among our citizens. This issue has become hopelessly politicized in Olympia. Politicians aren’t thinking about what the voters want. Let the voters decide.

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