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Gay-straight alliances targeted by Virginia bill

Ebbin, Lohr. The latter wants to dissolve the alliances: “Whether it be homosexual or heterosexual, school is just not the place to be talking about sexual activity.”

The gay-bashing just keeps on coming in Tim Kaine’s state. Now the batsh*t homophobes are going after gay-straight alliances, claiming they “promote teen sex.” Poor openly gay delegate Adam Ebbin (D-Arlington). He’s got his hands full battling these clowns in the legislature. (365gay):

[Harrisonburg Del. Matthew] Lohr’s House Bill 1308 would authorize school boards to prohibit the use of school facilities by any student club that promotes sexual activity among unmarried students.

It would essentially dissolve the gay-straight alliances, which typically meet on school grounds, said Dyana Mason, head of Equality Virginia.

The bill won preliminary House approval Monday, and could go before the Senate this week. An identical bill introduced last session easily glided through the House on a 95-0 vote. That bill later died in Senate committee, Lohr said. Monday, lawmakers appeared split over the bill, some arguing it unfairly singled out gay groups while others countered the legislation targeted no one.

“This bill is not aimed at one particular group,” Lohr told House members. “The intent is to give local school boards more control over the types of groups which use the buildings.”

But when pressed by Falls Church Democratic Del. James Scott about which groups could be interpreted as addressing sexual issues, Lohr referred to a situation involving a Chesterfield County gay-straight student alliance last year. In that case, Lohr said school officials canceled a planned book signing by a gay author after it was learned the author would be including a steamy novel about gay fraternity sex. Lohr argued school officials should have been able to quash the group entirely.

…But gay-straight alliances are focused on helping teens sort out their sexuality — not telling them how to act on it, argued Ebbin, the state’s first openly gay House member. “What troubles me is the targeting of student groups because they (acknowledge) the idea that gay people exist,” he said.

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