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From the desk of Sam Brownback

HRC fired off a letter to the office of proudly anti-gay Kansas Senator Sam Brownback after his “fruits” remark in the Rolling Stone interview (my post here):

“You look at the social impact of the countries that have engaged in homosexual marriage.” He shakes his head in sorrow, thinking of Sweden, which Christian conservatives believe has been made by “social engineering” into an outer ring of hell. “You’ll know ’em by their fruits,” Brownback says. He pauses, and an awkward silence fills the room. He was citing scripture — Matthew 7:16 — but he just called gay Swedes “fruits.”

This is what Sam’s office released today.


WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Sam Brownback today issued the following statement concerning his recent comments in Rolling Stone magazine about same-sex marriage in Sweden:

“When quoting Matthew 7:16, ‘Ye shall know them by their fruits,’ I was in no way referring to sexual orientation.

“While this biblical passage was pertinent to our overall conversation about faith and deeds, it apparently led the writer to believe I was making a joke; I was not and would never do so with such a personal and sensitive issue.”

That said, Brownback didn’t have any response to these gems…

* Does he fully support the beliefs of his chief of staff, Robert Wasinger, who wrote in a campus magazine funded by the Heritage Foundation, that the “innocent sperm” of gay men are, “forced to swim into feces?”

* What about a comment on his opposition to the federal hate crimes bill and that its passage would lead to the eventual criminalization of Christianity.

* And what about that $42,000 funneled to him by Jack Abramoff? How does that fit in his moral world view?

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