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FDL Late Nite: Coffee and Cigarettes

photo:John (Mi?) Beauchamp
One of my favorite websites on all the internets is Vinyl Mine, where Jim H. has his trademark "Coffee and Cigarettes" MP3 mixes. He’s got a Burt Bacharach fetish going on at the moment and one one of the mixes includes "Alfie," "The Look of Love" and "Raindrops." Another has a very good Mice Parade track that I’m fond of, but somehow the Bacharach seems quite right tonight. Burt has, of late, grown quite political.

And Wendy Wasserstein died today. Here’s a piece from the New Yorker she wrote in 1999 on discovering her true calling as a Shiksa Goddess.


photo:John (Mis)Beauchamp

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