…or why Jeff Goldstein only has a writing gig at PeePee Pants Media, which ain’t no gig at all:

One of the benefits of an hysterical, adversarial, and sensationalist media is that, blessedly, its inevitable and predictable insistance on the implied importance of every al Qaeda missive as a nail in the US imperialist’s coffin is viewed by most in the US as simply that—a way to gin up fear and ratings—although sadly, this speaks less to the media’s continued importance in framing stories from their position of advocacy than it does to the length of time between attacks proving tentatively dispositive to our successes, and the sense Americans have that, regardless of how the AP spins it, a man bragging that a unmanned airstrike narrowly missed him (while killing other terror leaders) is a bit like Randall Tex Cobb bragging that he’d never been knocked out, even while he lost fight after fight.

Later Jeff will attempt to snatch a pebble from Victor Davis I Claudius Priapus Hanson’s hand while being admonished to not reference pop culture trivia when so many deserving Hellenic Macedonians are woefully ignored…

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