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Punchin’ the Freeper Clock

photo:Brandi Sims
From the comments:

My theory is that a lot of the creepy freepers who post on lefty sites are just low-level right-out-of-college cubicle jockeys at right wing think-tanks. They’re getting paid to skulk around and regurgitate winger talking points. Just a theory of course.

Have you ever noticed that a lot of them tend to post a lot during business hours and then disappear on the weekends? I guess that’s when their busy date-raping one another …

I’ve noticed this a lot over at the HuffPo. There seem to be a couple of people whose job it is to just jump in and leave right-wing talking points at the top of every thread. It doesn’t happen if you post at night, and then they won’t show up until business hours the next day.

No point, really, just nice to know the tactics of the enemy.

Update: William N. provides this link for the skeptics.

photo: Brandi Sims

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