Since nobody asked me….

I was reading John’s comments over at Crooks & Liars about Katrina Vanden Heuvel’s criticism of blogger criticism over the selection of Tim Kaine to respond to Tuesdays State of the Union, and I was reminded of 2003 when Gov. Gary Locke of Washington was chosen to give the response.

It was, in a word, disastrous. Just gawdawful. He made George W. Bush almost look competent.

Since this is an election year it should have been incumbent upon the Democratic Party to select someone who would actually attract viewers to hear their message (as long as it’s not something along the lines of “We’re almost like Republicans. Try us!”) as opposed to playing it safe and bland and inoffensive. If people want safe, bland, and inoffensive they can always watch PAX TV.

So who would I have chosen?

Bill Clinton.

Articulate. Passionate. Beloved. Always draws a crowd. And, rumor has it, chicks dig him. Conservative pundits would have blown a fuse and spent the next 48 hours complaining about what a political stunt it was and then they would have hardly had time to tell us how masterful George Bush has become and how he has grown in office (Peggy Noonan only). Bush’s message (which will be bullshit anyway)? Gone, as if it never happened.

That would have been the first SOTU response that outdrew the actual SOTU.

I know I would have watched.

Unless that one episode of Seinfeld was on. You know, the one where Elaine dances….

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