Every time you say “fuck” – the terrorists win.

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Bruce Kesler: a middle-aged former Marine who actually uses the term “potty-mouth” sans irony:

Baby Killer! Nazi! Gulag! Genghis Khan! Khmer Rouge! Torturer! And more! These are the charges and shouts heard by Americans against the U.S. military during the Vietnam War and now. Sadly, they’re spoken and yelled by Americans, who should know better. During Vietnam, some radical college students used this offensive and hurtful language. Now, these defamers have graduated into positions of power and influence throughout America’s institutions. They’re at it again….John Kerry and Ted Kennedy’s posts grace DailyKos, leading far-left blog and home to repeated slurs and vulgar language, John Dean fulminates like a drunken Blue redneck, Nancy Pelosi channels Haight-Ashbury, and their Hollywood contributors echo their onscreen filth. The other leaders of the Democrat Party and its allies in the mainstream media don’t chastise them but look the other way.


Recently, I washed my 5-year-old son’s mouth out with soap. His potty language quickly stopped, and has not been repeated. I suggest the same be administered to those leaders who are now using such potty language to slander the American military and Americans. They deserve public shame and strong criticism. If other Americans do not, especially others in positions of responsibility, then they are complicit in the degradation of America. This destroys our future as a civil society. It also does give aid and comfort to our sworn enemies abroad.

Let the forced mouth-washings commence!

Oh, and Bruce? It’s the Democratic Party.


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