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Debbie Schlussel, the Princess PeePee of the Bedwetter set is scheduled for The Intelligence Summit where she will be giving the annual Annie Jacobsen Terror In The Skies Booga-Booga address. This year’s topic:

Terror on the Tarmac.

BREAKING SCHLUSSEL EXCLUSIVE: Bomb Found on Detroit Plane Pre-Superbowl

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By Debbie Schlussel

***SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATES from Northwest Airlines & Federal Air Marshal***

DETROIT–Just over a week before the Superbowl takes place here, reliable law enforcement sources say local and federal authorities are trying to keep quiet a story about a bomb found on a flight at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Sources say that a week ago, Thursday or Friday, a bomb inside a small black box was found on a departing Mesaba Airlines flight, after passengers had boarded (Mesaba is a commuter airline that partners with Northwest Airlines on connections). The bomb, found on a seat, contained shrapnel and ball-bearings, the sources said. Reportedly, passengers were deplaned after the device was found.

If this story is correct, it once again calls into question the ability of TSA screeners to prevent explosive devices from getting past airport checkpoints. It also raises questions regarding whether terrorists are testing the system just prior to the Superbowl, here.

Wow! Besides the fact that they are objectively pro-terrorist, why isn’t the MSM covering this?


*** UPDATE: Northwest Airlines Vice President of Government Relations Andrea Fischer-Newman called me to say that it was not a bomb but a kid’s science project. She said she will send me e-mails (with the names removed) proving it. Have not gotten them yet, but will post when I do. I have heard of other, previous similar incidents at DTW (Detroit Metro Airport) from reliable sources in a position to know, as were the sources for this one.

But wait…That Andrea Fischer-Newman might be in cahoots with the terrorists:

*** UPDATE: Northwest Airlines VP Andrea Fischer-Newman sent this e-mail from Mesaba Airlines security personnel, but asked that I remove certain names. So was there a bomb? Or wasn’t there? Hopefully, there was not. But, as FOX News would say, I report; you decide. It should be noted that Ms. Fischer-Newman was one of the University of Michigan Regents who allowed Islamic Jihad terrorist Sami Al-Arian to speak on campus (as well as other terror and murder supporters) at the 2002 “Divestment Conference” (in the name of “free speech”).

Sent: Fri 1/27/2006 4:31 PM
To: Ramsay, Scott B [Northwest Airlines Security]
Subject: Re: Suspicious Item on board XJ Flight 3521 in DTW 18JAN06


Wayne County determined it was not a threat. They tracked down the inbound passenger and found that it was part of a young kid’s science project for his school.


Director of Safety, Security and Emergency Management
Mesaba Airlines

Okay then…but still, it coulda been dangerous:

*** UPDATE: Here is what a Federal Air Marshal in the know wrote in response, and I agree (but feel a tad safer knowing there are people like this person protecting us):

I trust NWA [Northwest Airlines] to give me the truth…not. DTW [Detroit] is as porous as it can be. We search every plane that we get on no matter how long it has sat. Then the crew are like, “Nobody has access to the plane but crew, cleaners and caterers.” Riiight. Caterers and cleaners with names like Habib, Jamal, Rafiq….

Yeah. I feel safer too knowing that a white supremacist is looking out for us all. He’s the one in seat 12C highlighting passages in The Turner Diaries.

Next week – Terror at Avis Counter: Swarthy People Renting Dodge Neons and Making Them Into Car Bombs.

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