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Harper to push on gay marriage right away

REUTERS/Andy Clark

What a wiener. As promised, right out of the box, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to go after same-sex marriage. He’s doing it as lip service to the homo-bigots who helped elect him, knowing that his measure will make his minority Conservative government like a bunch of fringers and will likely go nowhere.

It sounds like Canadians will spend a lot of time cringing at this guy (we’ve got our own clown here, folks) trying to run the government for the next good while; it sounds like he’s politically tone-deaf.

Stephen Harper says he wants to move quickly as leader of a fractious new Parliament to reopen the same-sex marriage debate. The makeup of the new House of Commons suggests the prime minister-designate knows there’s a good chance such a motion will be rejected.

It would not be a total loss, however. In fact, an honorable defeat on equal marriage would satisfy obligations to Harper’s most right-wing supporters while defusing a politically explosive issue. Winning a vote to wade back through that political quagmire would lead the Conservatives straight into a legal morass, most experts say.

It would also be a costly and perhaps fruitless attempt to redefine marriage as the sole domain of one man, one woman _ a fight that would only shine a spotlight on the party’s most extreme social conservatives.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding