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Frist will bring 'Marriage Protection Act' up for full vote

Since they’ve got nothing positive to show aside from pork and corruption, the GOP moves to pull out the gay boogeyman for this election cycle. This is getting tired. Raw Story is reporting that Frist is itching to move this to the floor this year for a full vote to drum up the fundies — again.

Senator Wayne Allard (R-CO), who was a co-sponsor of the 2005 joint resolution, is crowing about it.

“Senator Bill Frist has indicated he will try to bring the Marriage Protection Amendment to a full vote again this year,” Allard spokeswoman Angela de Rocha told RAW STORY. “Senator Allard believes that a constitutional amendment is the best way to make it crystal clear that marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Senator Frist’s office did not return a call seeking comment.

…The November 2004 election saw 11 states — championed by conservative groups like Focus on the Family — approve constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriage. The concept of the nebulous “moral values” voter emerged as the reason given for the perceived mandate in President George W. Bush’s reelection.

Yet what was seen as a moral victory by conservatives soon became a political bargaining tool, one that did very little to affect the stalled status of the once promised amendment that drove so many voters to cast their ballot.

…The public sentiment on same-sex unions differs greatly from the view of conservative groups pushing to amend the constitution. A Pew Research poll conducted in August of last year found that 53 percent of Americans polled supported civil unions, which would confer upon same-sex couples the same rights enjoyed by married couples. Thirty-five percent favored gay marriage.

With that in mind, Raw notes that Karl Rove conspicuously left the marriage amendment off the list of the GOP’s agenda for this year when he addressed them at its winter meeting.

All that said, how many Dems are we going to see standing firmly against this? It’s nail-biting time all over again.

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