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Can Someone Get These People a Dictionary?

DictionaryJim VandeHei does his bit in the WaPo today to keep the heat up on the Democrats:

"There’s no doubt in my mind it is legal," Bush said. Democrats have accused Bush of breaking the law by authorizing the spying program without approval from Congress or the courts. The debate is expected to dominate hearings, scheduled to begin Feb. 6, on the highly classified NSA program.

It’s nice how easily Bob Barr and other concerned Republicans are left out of the picture so as not to hinder a sweeping and damning generalization.

Just so we’re clear: Casino Jack is a bipartisan scandal because Abramoff’s victims gave money to Democrats even though there’s no evidence that any of them did anything wrong. The NSA wiretap scandal is just so much partisan bickering, a Democrats-only brouhaha and nobody has bothered to clue in poor befuddled Bob Barr.

Steve Soto has more on what you probably won’t find in the White House Pool Boy’s next article.

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