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Our* favorite crusader for the Government Enforced Procreationâ„? Movement, Princess Barbie Talibania, just sent me the nicest note to fill me in on all her hard work in Washington DC supporting the Scalito nomination and protesting the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Emphasis in the quotes are mine, just to highlight the slick use of language to frame the debate. Remember, folks, these Religious Reich wingnuts are more looney tunes than Friz Freling’s and Chuck Jones’ nightmares**, but they are not stupid.

Over the national March for Life weekend, I had the chance to catch up with Bobby Schindler, the brother of the late Terri Schindler-Schiavo. [She never referred to herself with a hyphenated last name when she was conscious. It’s interesting that we’re all interested in a liberated feminist surname now, huh?] He was doing well. When I asked about his parents, he said they were still mourning their daughter’s death. Bobby informed me that Michael Schiavo (Terri’s husband who forced her starvation [Not “ended her life”, “allowed her to pass”, or “granted her wish”]), recently got married to his live-in girl friend of 10 years. [The scoundrel! He’s abandoning sinful cohabitation for holy matrimony!]

Nearly 75,000 pro-lifers passed in front of the Supreme Court where the March for Life ends. A huge number of youth joined us for our drum circle for life. It was amazing to see the passion behind this emerging post-roe generation [Shouldn’t that be “Roe”? Or is the the generation that eschews fish eggs?]. As teens danced, sang, and played the drums to express their pro-life views, a small number of pro-choice demonstrators were speechless and aghast. Pro-life teens out number pro-choicers by a large margin. [Uh-huh. They usually are, right up until they pull up to the clinic.] It was so evident in this year’s march that the Washington Post actually got it right [Because that liberal rag rarely gets anything right.] in this year’s coverage.

Senators Kennedy and Kerry are crying for a filibuster [unlike, say, Senator Stevens crying about a bridge… sheesh, the only one crying is Scalito’s well-coached wife], but the reality is they probably won’t be able to make it happen. Republicans need 60 votes to force a cloture vote on Monday. They have 55 in the Republican Caucus [Isn’t a caucus supposed to be a sub-unit of a party?] plus about 9 Democrat votes which puts us over the 60 needed. The vote will probably be early next week.

Gee, how does such an attractive, intelligent, ambitious Christian woman remain an unmarried virgin at age 29? Certainly, one of the manly heterosexual Christian males in the anti-gay movement would have asked her out on a date by now.

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OK, not “our”, but certainly “my”. I’ve got a strange fascination for outwardly religious attractive blonde virgins. Just something I picked up over the years, somehow…

**Alex, I’ll take “Obscure Pop Culture References” for $1,000. (Might as well; Dennis Miller isn’t using them anywhere.)

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